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Benefits Of Using A Laundry Pickup And Delivery Service

Benefits of Using a Laundry Pickup And Delivery Service

6 Benefits Of Laundry Pickup And Delivery Service

There are many benefits of using a laundry pickup and delivery service.   Working with a laundry pickup and delivery service like NJ based Laundry Angels is really a great choice.

The two major benefits that stand out the most are the following:

  • time you save using a laundry service
  • professional washing that your clothes experience.

However, as you probably know, there are many more benefits than just those two stated above.  In this post we will look at the reasons why you should get your laundry done professionally!  You can also read more about our process at Laundry Angels Madison and how it works here.

More time in your schedule

Laundry can be an extremely time consuming process. If you have a washer and dryer at home, then you know that it takes longer than one would think. It’s not just a wash, dry, then fold process – it is much more than that.

From separating all of the clothes to ensure no articles of clothing are washed incorrectly to folding and separating the clothes for each person in your home, it can turn into a day long process depending on how many loads of wash you need to do. If you have to go to a laundromat itself, then it does take a full day.

There are many variable of going to the laundromat such as the number of working machines, which machines are not taken, how long the clothes need to wash and dry, how long it takes you to get to the laundromat, etc..  By choosing to use a laundry delivery and pickup service, you can eliminate the time consuming laundry process.

Additionally, by having Laundry Angels pick up your clothes, professionally wash, dry, and fold them, and then deliver the clean clothes directly to your home you will have more time for yourself! Yippee!


Reduced Exposure To Germs





Getting laundry done professionally can reduce your expose to the harmful germs, viruses and bacteria that may live in dirty clothes.  Professional laundry services are equipped to dealing with the many hazards that may be present from handling dirty and contaminated fabrics.

This is especially good for those with compromised immune systems.  Choose a laundry pickup and delivery service to keep yourself and your family safe!  You can read more about how long viruses live in clothing here.


You may not have realized this, but choosing a wash and fold service may be more budget friendly and affordable than you think!  Many wash and fold services have a minimum requirement of clothing.  The good thing about this is by doing more clothing, the process ends up being more economical.

Using expensive machines at the laundromat can add up.  Additionally, doing the laundry yourself can spend your valuable time!  So the cost of having a laundry pickup and delivery service is really much less than the consuming expense of doing the laundry on your own!


Don’t Have To Go To The Laundromat

Now this is a big one.  Most people don’t want to take time out of their day to go to the laundromat.  And hiring a professional laundry service ensures you will not have to.

Laundromats can often be breeding grounds of germs and bacteria.  Many laundromats are not well-kept and most people don’t have the benefit of going to a really nice one.  In such cases, it’s best to not have to do the laundry yourself.

Hiring a laundry pickup and delivery service is the way to go.  It frees up your time and allows a professional to go to the laundromat rather than you!

Professional-Grade Cleaning

Using a professional laundry service ensures you will get professional grade cleaning.  The machines we use in our homes don’t always kill all the dirt, grim and germs that a professional machine will tackle.  Hiring a laundry service near you such as Laundry Angels ensures you get the deepest clean every time.

Professionally Cleaned Garments

With a laundry service, you no longer have to worry about how to wash your clothes. Like most people, you probably don’t understand what those symbols mean on the tags of your clothes. These symbols indicate a wide range of washing methods from cold water only to hand wash only.

Ensuring that you are washing your clothes correctly directly impacts how long your clothes will last.  Additionally, knowing which laundry detergent you should use also ensures longevity of clothing.





Allow professionals who understand these symbols and keep your clothes looking as great as when you first got them. In addition, if a stain sets in your clothes you could rely on professionals to take care of it for you and not frantically Google home remedies for stain removals.



Using a professional service for your laundry is definitely the way to go.  From health benefits to more time to enjoy life, hiring a service is beneficial in many ways.

Contact Laundry Angels today to get a “load” off of your mind.  Have us take care of your laundry, every time.

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