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Laundry Help For Seniors

If you need laundry help for seniors in New Jersey, Laundry Angels is a perfect choice for all of your laundering needs.  The Laundry Angels team will meet all of your needs.  Our New Jersey Laundry Angels Team is staffed to help your senior friend or loved one get the laundry done with our excellent laundry pickup and drop off service.

Seniors Could Use A Little Laundry Help!

Senior laundry services take special care and attention.  As you know, our  senior citizens who are family and loved ones could use a little extra laundry help!  Doing the laundry could put unwanted stress on the body.  It hasn’t been unheard of that someone could potentially hurt their back or neck while straining to throw clothes in the wash or when bending to get laundry from the dryer.  That’s why Laundry Angels is here to help!

Our laundry services free up your time and make your life more manageable.  Whether you are a senior, someone with a disability, or just simply someone who could use a little assistance with laundering garments, we are here to help.

Laundry Help For Seniors Is Important For A Number Of Reasons:

  • Adds quality to senior’s lives by freeing up time and reducing stress
  • Helps ease the transition into older-adult life
  • Reduces amount of tasks that need to be done during the week
  • Helps prevent injury from lifting heavy laundry bags
  • Who really wants to do their own laundry, anyway!?

Our Services Guarantee:

  • easy pickup and drop off
  • convenience to your senior’s needs
  • specialty care of items
  • professional cleaning and handling
  • order customizations
  • affordable pricing plans

The Laundry Angels team will pickup your laundry on a designated day and drop it off fully cleansed and washed to your standards.  You can check out our service areas here for your reference.  However, we operate in most cities in Northern New Jersey and we are always open to hearing from you if you have a question.

Our New Jersey Senior Laundry Services Will Help Your Loved One!

Our professional senior laundry services will help your senior out.  Here are some of the benefits of hiring Laundry Angels to help your beloved senior with his or her laundry:

  • We pickup up and delivery your seniors laundry conveniently
  • Customizations on laundry are welcomed
  • Hiring a laundry service will free up your loved ones time
  • Prevention of injury due to handling laundry, lifting, bending and more
  • Lower levels of stress for you and your loved one

Hire Laundry Angels For Senior Laundry Services


laundry help for seniors

Laundry help for seniors NJ


If you want to rest assured with the knowledge that your loved one will have their laundry cleaned properly, washed, and dried, this is truly the service for you to invest in.   And the funny thing is that it really isn’t a huge investment when you think about it.  Compared to the benefit of using this service, there will be no complaints on your end.  And we are sure you want so many wonderful things for your loved one.  This would be a great gift.

Laundry Angels Will Pickup And Delivery Your Senior’s Laundry

Laundry Angels’s NJ laundry pickup and delivery services for seniors are convenient and easy.  As we age, it is a common feeling to want more time to ourselves.  This is completely ok and is not something you should be embarrassed about!

If you are a senior who is recently retired, you probably want to spend time doing the things you enjoy.  You may need more time to travel, see your family and grand kids, walk the dog and engage in classes and hobbies.  That’s one of the many reasons to hire Laundry Angels pickup and deliver laundry.

People Hire Laundry Pickup And Delivery For A Number Of Reasons!

In addition to the positive reasons you or your senior loved one may need laundry help, there are some other reasons as well.  It is also common for our bodies to change as we age.  What used to be a simple task can lead to aches and pains in our body!  That’s where Laundry Angels comes in!

If you need help with your senior friend or family member’s laundry, we are here to do the job.  Bending over to fold clothes and lifting a heavy laundry basket aren’t always such a great idea as we get further on in our lives.  Doing such things can lead to strain that is unneeded.  Especially when you consider how affordable a laundry pickup and delivery service such as Laundry Angels is!

In addition to this, a professional service has the equipment and products to thoroughly cleanse clothing, upholstery and other garments.  This is just another simple added benefit to hiring us for the job.

We will stop by and pick up your senior’s dirty laundry and garments.  Then conveniently we will deliver them right back to your senior’s home!  How wonderful is that?

laundry services for seniors

laundry services for seniors

You can contact us at your convenience to ask any questions you have on the services we provide for your beloved senior loved one or friend.  Our laundry services span across most of Northern NJ and are an excellent option for anyone who might want freedom from doing laundry.

We hope you will choose our services for laundry help for seniors and we wish you the best!

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