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Laundry Services Somerset County


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Somerset County’s #1 Laundry Pickup And Delivery Service!

Laundry services Somerset County NJ business, Laundry Angels, is a top-rated choice for residents in Northern NJ.  Our laundry business services your area!  Here’s how we work!

We come to your home or business on a designated day to pickup your garments, rugs, clothing, bedding, pet beds and more for laundering.  On the following day, our laundry service team will drop off your items.  You will find that your previously soiled garments will be cleaned, dried and laundered to your liking.  In addition to this, they will be delivered right back to your residence in Somerset County in one (or several) of our complimentary Laundry Angels laundry bags!

#1 Rated In Somerset County For Laundry Services

Our team here at Laundry Angels is determined to please our Somerset County dry cleaning clientele.  That is why we are so well rated in the industry of garment care and professional laundering.  Take a look at our reviews here on this page.

The Laundry Angels Team Cares!

The Laundry Angels team cares about  our customers.  That’s why we are so well loved in the area of laundry services in Somerset County, NJ!  Because of our high level of customer care and service, we are always willing to customize your laundry orders.  Read more about our services here.

laundry services somerset county NJ

Many of our New Jersey customers like their clothing and garments cleaned in a particular way.  For example, some of our dear clients have skin allergies and preferences for organic products and the like.  Please indicate the way you would like your clothing laundered so that we can make sure everything is cleaned and dried exactly the way you want it!  If you’re hiring us for your laundry services, might as well tell us exactly how you want your garments cleaned.

Customize Your Laundry Order Right Here On Our Website!

You can customize your laundry order for services right here on our website.  In addition to this, you can also always give us a call.  If you want your jeans dried on low heat for 20 minutes, that’s perfectly fine!  Let us know your preferences and we’ll cater to them exactly as you’d like.

Let Us Pickup Your Laundry In Somerset County

The bottom line is this.  If you live in beloved Somerset County, New Jersey (or anywhere else in the Northern region of the Garden State), please reach out to us and give us a shot.  Our laundry services pricing is very affordable and we’re confident you’ll become one of our many beloved clients.

Laundry Angels is amazing!  They are our favorite laundry pickup and delivery service near me in Somerset County!  We will continue to use them weekly for laundry services!

Approximate Service Area - Click on Map to Search Your Zip Code

Cost Of Laundry Pickup, Cleaning And Delivery
It’s $1.45/lb for the first 20 lbs of laundry, and $1.70/lb after that. Charges for comforters, blankets, doggie beds, rugs are separate. Check out the full pricing list. 20 pounds of laundry is the minimum required for pickup.  This is approximately a week of laundry for a working couple.

Pickup/Drop Off Schedule
Check your area code to see which days we pickup and drop off laundry in your area.

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please give us a call at (973) 702-8765. We are available to chat 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, 7 days a week. Additionally, you can contact us online. For your convenience, online ordering is available 24 hrs a day.  Feel free to place an order at any time!

laundry pickup and delivery somerset county
Somerset County Laundry
wash and fold service near me

Our team here at Somerset County’s Laundry Angels can’t wait to provide you with excellent laundry services.  If you are in Northern NJ and have an interest in hiring a professional laundry service, please give us a call.  We are a beloved laundry services Somerset County business.

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