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Lynn G.

I love Laundry Angels! They have made my life so much easier! They pick up and deliver in a timely fashion and my clothes look newer than when I bought them. Prices are reasonable, too! Highly recommend!

Andrew S.

First class service, very professional and helpful staff.

Bernadette G.

Thank you so much for the laundry services you provided for the past 2 months! Having my laundry picked up and delivered was a tremendous help after having surgery and even after I returned back to work. Fortunately, things are getting back to normal and I will be able to do my own laundry, although, I am a bit spoiled now. We will definitely use Laundry Angels again in the future as needed and I highly recommend your services to others.

Lisa Z

What a life saver. My three kids came home from camp with way to much laundry than I can handle, they picked up and delivered it back within 24 hours. I am now having my regular laundry picked up on a weekly basis.

Ellen B

Laundry Angels is a five star laundry service. The clothes come back clean and smell wonderful. My clothes are always folded so nicely and without any wrinkles. A truly professional job. I have been with Laundry Angels since July 2016 and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Patricia Z.

First time using Laundry Angels and they did a FABULOUS job!! They truly were my angels this week. Everything done exactly as requested
Thank you do much! I’ll be back

Erin F.

Laundry Angels is like magic. You leave your dirty clothes outside on Monday, and on Tuesday, they’re back, clean and folded. I wish I’d taken the plunge years ago, since we’re not allowed to have washers or dryers in our condo and it’s a long walk to the laundry room. Thanks to everybody involved for making our lives a little easier!

Linda V

This service has greatly simplified my life. My schedule varies and dropping off heavy loads was becoming a burden. This company comes and picks up and drops off clean laundry the next day. If you have any special requests like use cold water only, or let them know about astain, they do whatever they can to meet you requirements. I highly recommend them.Blankets, bedspreads, towels, bathmats, no problem. You will be so glad you did.

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