Frequently Asked Questions

How does pickup and delivery services work?

Our process is super easy. We make everything as convenient as possible for our wonderful Laundry Angels customers. Here is how our service works!

  1. Place your order! You can do so by calling us or placing your order on our website or on our app.
  2. Our driver will pickup your items for free. Place your items and any bag and label it with your name.
  3. Receive all garments within 24-48 hours. You will find that they've been professionally cleaned, folded or hung and delivered right to your door!

How long does it take to get back my garments?

If you were wondering how long it takes for us to deliver your garments after pickup, we have great news. It only takes us 24 hours to complete your laundry services and 48 hours to complete your dry cleaning services. So if you are looking for a quick turnaround - choose LaundryAngels.

We have a schedule and a predetermined route. We follow the schedule and run through certain cities in New Jersey regularly.

What Is your process for laundering clothing items and other garments?

Your clothing deserves the best – that’s why we process all of our customers’ dry-cleaning and laundry at one of our production facilities that we run and operate. Cleaning is our core competency, and that’s way too important to outsource.

How are stains dealt with? Are you able to remove and get rid of stains?

Already on the booking process you are able to take photos and mark the stains on the garment.

Once the item of clothing arrives to our facility, we will try our best to get it out but it's not always possible. Most stains need immediate attention for the highest level of effectiveness when removing them.

In some cases, stains have set into clothing. While we can improve the look of clothing with stains and use professional products to treat them, they will not always come out.

When can I order your service?

24 hours a day online at Laundry Angels or by calling (888) 702-8765 from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

What towns are your services available in?

Our services are available in over 100 towns in New Jersey, and we are constantly adding more. Just click "Book Now", enter your zipcode and check if we service your area.

How is my Laundry packaged for delivery?

Your laundry is packaged and delivered in clear plastic bags, that are then placed in as many LaundryAngels branded nylon bags as needed, with your name attached. Each branded bag cost $7.00 and is yours to keep and use with subsequent orders.

Dry cleaning orders will be returned wrapped and hung on hangers. No extra charge for the hangers or wrapping.

What happens if I forget to put my bag out, or to cancel or change my order?

Your order can be cancelled as late as 8AM on your service day - online or using our mobile app.

If your order is not cancelled or changed, and the driver is already on the way, we will charge a cancellation fee for the missed pickup.

Fees are based on location and can be found in the pricing page.

What happens if I am unable to pay for my laundry?

We understand things happen and situations change.

If for some reason you are unable to pay for your laundry after it has been processed, we will hold it at one of our facilities for 30 days to give you the opportunity to pay for it in full.

We are unable to deliver your processed laundry until it has been paid for in full.

If laundry if not paid for within 30 day, it is considered abandoned and is then donated to the less fortunate.

I’m concerned about my personal information

We pledge that we will never sell or otherwise use the information we have about our customers for any other purpose but to serve you. It will never be sold, leased, or otherwise used.

Is your website secure?

LaundryAngels website is certified secured end to end. We take security very seriously and use state of the art technology to protect your information.