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Benefits Of Commercial Laundry Services

Benefits Of Commercial Laundry Services

Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services


In this post we will discuss benefits of commercial laundry services and why you need them for your business.  Commercial laundry services are a great way to streamline business processes and focus on the things you do best (in your business- not the laundry)!


When you run a business, the last thing you want to worry about is the little things that aren’t important to your company.  While washing and cleaning garments and linens is extremely important, it takes you away from the work that needs to be done.


With a commercial laundry service, your company will have garments cleansed by a professional who picks them up regularly for cleaning.  The service will generally come to your business on a certain day or set of days and pick up all items for washing.  The following day, the items will be delivered right to your doorstep.


Commercial Laundry Pickup and Drop Off


With commercial laundry services and a pickup and drop off company such as Laundry Angels, you can rest assured in knowing that the laundry will in fact get done.  You can focus on things in your business that will affect your bottom line.  Those things are not whether or not you wash commercial garments.  They are whether you do business correctly.


Having help with the tedious everyday tasks of business operating is crucial to your business’s success.  Normally, a business will outsource many of the smaller business tasks to a private company to do.  This will help with streamlining business processes and will enable the business to work better (and smarter).


By hiring a commercial laundry services such as NJ’s Laundry Angels, you will enable yourself to do just that.  You can rest assured in knowing that your laundry will be done and it will be done correctly so that you can focus on bigger and more important things.



Garments Need To Be Cleaned


One way or another, garments need to be cleaned.  When you’re running a business, you can’t leave the dirty laundry to do itself.  It just doesn’t happen that way.  Hiring a company such as New Jersey based Laundry Angels streamlines the process and enables you to focus on the important tasks of your daily routine. You’ll be so grateful you found us if you give us a chance.



Most Businesses Don’t Have Time To Do Laundry


It’s a well known fact that most businesses do not have time to do the laundry.  If you work in a restaurant, you need to be focused on feeding guests and the way your kitchen is run.  Now imagine asking a waiter to do the laundry in addition to the other things he or she might do.  This would be counterproductive and would certainly lead to other parts of the business suffering.


Some of the businesses we serve are:


Restaurants, dining halls and catering companies

Country clubs and small resorts


Gyms and fitness centers

Yoga studios, pilates studios and more

Spas, salons and beauty institutes

Medical facilities



It Pays To Have Someone Else Wash Clothes, Uniforms and Linens


In the long run, it pays to have someone else doing the laundry.  If you think of a business and how it is run, the fact is that the amount you spend paying for a reputable laundry service near you compared to the time you spend doing the laundry yourself is minimal. You could spend hours doing the laundry and company garments whereas having someone else do it will literally cost you pennies and you’ll get more work done.


Hiring a professional service saves time, money and it allows workers to not get distracted by the things that aren’t important. You could lose a customer while your staff is busy changing the laundry and tossing it in the dryer. Imagine the expense on your business?



A Professional Team Will Wash Garments Correctly


In addition to all of this, in today’s day and age of the importance of clean, sanitized and sterile garments it’s crucial to have laundry washed and cleaned by professionals.  If you have your staff do the laundry, there’s a chance it might not be done correctly.  The impact is that you could get sued and customers could get sick from your disgusting, contaminated garments.


Think of items such as towels and tablecloths and the need for them to be washed correctly.  In a commercial facility, garments are washed in high efficiency washers with professional detergents that cleanse and sanitize correctly.


In addition, your team at the office may not know a thing about washing clothes.  Why would you risk destroying garments and linens when you can hire a professional service to do it correctly for you?


We Deal With All Types Of Commercial Laundry


Commercial laundry includes many different things.  From towels and wash cloths to bedding, tablecloths and uniforms, your commercial laundry should be done by a professional team.  Laundry Angels handles the commercial laundry for many different cities and counties in Northern New Jersey.  We have pickup and delivery days in Morris County, Essex County, Union County and Somerset County.  In addition to this, we service other areas too.  In order to find out specifics about our areas of service, just give us a call.  In addition, you can visit us online and place an order for your commercial laundry pickup on this page here.



If You Want To Take A Load Off Call Laundry Angels!


If you want to take a load off, call the Laundry Angels team.  We will let you know exactly how we can help your business with comprehensive and affordable commercial laundry services.  We want to help you out with washing and cleaning your commercial garments.  Please give us a call and we’ll tell you exactly how we can get started.


We Offer Other Services Too!


In addition to doing the wash for businesses such as yours, we offer many different services too.  We offer residential laundry pickup and delivery, laundry help for seniors, emergency laundry services and much much, more.  Call us today and learn more about the benefit of hiring us!


In Summary


Hiring a professional service to handle your laundry on a daily, weekly, or periodic basis is really not expensive at all.  For this reason, it makes perfect sense to have someone such as Laundry Angels do your laundry for you.  With the right team behind your business, anything can be accomplished.  Hire our experts for your commercial laundry services and see the benefit tenfold.


We hope you have learned the benefits of commercial laundry services and wish you all the best.

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