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What Is Commercial Laundry Services

What Is Commercial Laundry Services

What Is Commercial Laundry Services


If you are wondering what are commercial laundry services and can they help my business, this is going to be a great post for you to read. Here we will explain everything about what commercial dry cleaners do and why you might want to invest in their service.


Why Does My Business Need Help With The Wash?


Commercial laundry services are laundry services that are catered to businesses that don’t want to be bothered doing the laundry.  In essence, a commercial laundry service will generally pickup laundry on a designated day and deliver it back to you fully washed and ready for use.


For businesses, a commercial company that does laundry for them could be a huge game changer.  Not only does it give more opportunity for businesses to focus on their primary purpose, it also offers professional cleaning and a higher level of sanitation which is very important.


Your Business Might Need Some Help With The Wash


For example, if you have a restaurant, chances are you might have table clothes, aprons, napkins and other garments that need to be cleaned regularly.  In the restaurant business, you are dealing with food and it often gets spilled on table cloth often.


You can’t just continue to use dirty linens in your dining area.  Not only would you have a horrible reputation if you did that, but you would also be going against many of the health standards of your state.


How Should Businesses Handle Dirty Laundry?


From the example above comes the question- how exactly should a business handle doing their laundry.  As a business, your main priority is to handle your business operations and service customers.  If you are a restaurant (as with the previous example), would you really want to do the laundry yourself?


If you use your workers and waitstaff to wash garments, linens and uniforms the result is that you are still paying for laundry services as it will all be done on company time.  If you do it on your own, the result is that you will end up losing valuable time that could be spent either working on business or doing your own personal things.


Finally, if you choose to have a washing machine in your restaurant, would this really make sense?  The final option you can consider is to hire a laundry service, such as NJ’s Laundry Angels, to wash and dry your garments on a regular schedule.


The Benefits Of Commercial Laundry Help


The benefits of commercial laundry help ultimate and hugely outweigh the negative of paying someone to come pickup and dry clean our company garments.  The reality is that if you don’t pay a private service to do the job, chances are you’ll be paying your own staff to do laundry too.


Asking your workers to take the time from their busy work routine and stick a load of laundry in the wash is a very bad idea.  Not only will it impact company morale, but it will also take workers away from the jobs they should be doing.  The result might be a loss of profits and the you would literally be spending the same amount anyway.

Read more about the benefits of commercial laundry help in this post here.


Top Businesses For Commercial Laundry Services


Some of the top businesses to invest in commercial laundry services are listed below.  Now keep in mind, many of these businesses do have the ability to do their own wash.  However, they might utilize commercial services less frequently and for specialty garments and washing.


Additionally, emergency laundry services often are cause to many businesses needing help with the wash.  If you run out of table linens or there’s a flood that completely soils and dirties all of your clean items, then you might be calling an emergency laundry service frantically.


Here are some of the businesses that might need to consider laundry care from professionals:


  • Restaurants and catering businesses
  • Event venues
  • Hospitality industry businesses
  • Gyms and health spas
  • Airbnb’s
  • Corporate businesses
  • Medical practices
  • And more!


Get Garments Picked Up And Delivered


Commercial launderers will simply pick up and deliver your garments fully cleansed.  If you choose a business such as NJ’s Laundry Angels you can rest assured in knowing that your garments will be picked up when you’d like and delivered within 24 hours.


As with most commercial companies that provide this service, it is a huge convenience in that you don’t have to worry about your dirty linens, garments and uniforms.  All you need to do is keep them together so that on pickup day the team of Laundry Angels can collect dirty items and get them washed on your timeline.


Gone Are The Days Of Doing Everything In Your Business


Gone are the days where businesses do everything.  The reasons for this is that there is so darn much competition, you really need to focus on making your business the best it can be.


Part of scaling your business is outsourcing small, menial tasks to professionals who can get them done at affordable rates.  This is the essence of creating a profitable business that functions well and can grow as it should.


You will rarely see a restaurant with a washing machine in it for workers to throw table cloths and aprons it and do the laundry.  You will also rarely see a restaurant owner going to the laundromat to do his company laundry on his own.


The reasons is that it just doesn’t make sense and it prevents your company from truly flourishing.  This is one of the key reasons it’s so important to hire professional rather than taking a DIY approach to everything in your company.  You’ll reap the rewards of increased focus on your business.


Make The Decision


It’s time to invest in laundry services for your business.  Make the decision and look at the situation accurately.


Truth be told, it really isn’t an investment.  It’s just a decision to put the work of commercial laundry onto a business that specializes in it.  Not your team in the office.  Doing so will offer huge rewards from increased efforts on work and overall company satisfaction.


Now You Know What Business Wash And Fold Is


Now you should have a clear understanding of the services company laundry facilities might offer your corporation.  In addition, you should know the common challenges you might face if you choose to do all of the smaller tasks within your company on your own.


When you hire a service to take care of and professionally clean your garments, you are making a commitment to providing better quality across the board.  A service that professionally cleans clothing and garments is well equipped to do the job right and by professional standards.  They will use a higher grade of laundry detergent to remove stains affectively and better sanitize garments.  This is a fact that should be carefully noted.


We hope you know what is commercial laundry services and wish you the best.

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