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Tips For Doing Your Laundry

Tips For Doing Your Laundry

How To Do Your Laundry


How to Take Care of Your Laundry

Laundry is something that we can not avoid to do. More or less we have to do it on daily basis or at least a few times per week. And again more or less, we were all were put in position with stained clothes and unable to remove the stains, which left us with a piece of garment that we can not wear anymore. Also, we all finished washing our clothes with fading or bleeding colors and again destroyed our favorite piece of garment.

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Changing the Way of Doing Your Laundry 


Our mothers knew better. They knew how to do laundry although they did not have expensive washing machines and dryers. But, these days although we have all the amenities in our homes, doing the laundry makes us nervous and stressed. With the fast pace of living, we do not have time to be regular housewives and everything that is out of our usual routine makes us anxious. So, we have to use some tips for doing our laundry to save our time and effort and on the other hand to keep our laundry clean and be able to use it for many years

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Laundry Tips You Need to Know


First things first, you have to know how to properly do your laundry, to avoid some damage to your clothes.


Choose the right temperature to wash your laundry


Different pieces of garments are washed at different temperatures. Always choose the right temperature for the laundry. If the laundry is made of cotton and in white color, likely it can be washed on higher temperatures. If it is made from synthetic materials, choose lower temperatures to wash it. If you are not sure which temperature to choose, check the labels on the garment, and proceed according to the instructions on the label. 


Choose the right detergent


We always buy the detergent that we are used to or choose the cheapest one. Depending on the clothes, you can apply different detergents to get the best effect of washing. Powder detergents are good and suitable for all kinds of clothes, but they do not disperse always very well, so on the darker or black clothes, it can leave white stains after washing. So, better is to use liquid detergent for colored or dark clothes.

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Use the softener with the detergent in the washing machine.


Use the softener while washing to avoid clogging of your clothes. Most of the softeners are cheap and affordable, you can choose the fragrance that you like best.


Sorting your clothes by color and type


Sorting your laundry by colors will avoid bleeding color and fading colors. Also to avoid bleeding colors, you can check the new pieces of clothes, putting them into cold water. If the water is not colored, you can put it in the machine safely with the other pieces.


Avoid shrinking and stretching of the laundry


This usually happens because of the different fibers that the garment is made of. To avoid shrinking or stretching use low temperatures of washing and avoid the spinning off procedure.

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Other Useful Tips


– For stains use stain remover. Put it directly on the stain, leave it for 10 minutes and then proceed with the washing

– Another way to remove the stains on your clothes. If the stain is fresh, put liquid dish soap and let it dry for a couple of hours. Afterward, put the garment in the washing machine.

– If your towels look, old and have seen better days, try to refresh them by washing them with baking soda and vinegar. This procedure will refresh the look of the towels and make them softer.

– Un-shrink clothes using a towel and baby shampoo. Put the shrink garment into cold water and baby shampoo. Stretch it lightly and let it dry.

– To avoid bleeding color, you can put your garment in cold water mixed with vinegar. This way the color will stay as it is and it will be safe to wash the garment with the other pieces of clothes.

– To prevent color fading of the dark clothes wash them inside out. This way you will prevent them from fading colors

– Another way to prevent from color fading is to wash them in the washing machine and add a teaspoon of salt

– To keep your sweaters or other clothes in shape, you should put the dry flat instead of hanging them.

– To avoid ironing of the skirts you should put them on a hanger and let them dry

– Use less detergent than prescribed and see the result. This way you will save money and avoid an odd smell of your washing machine

– Do not overload the washing machine for more efficient washing.

– Clean the washing machine regularly. You can do it by turning on the empty washing machine and add some baking soda and vinegar. You will keep your washing machine clean and avoid the bad smell

– Clean machine filters regularly. It will help to maintain your washing machine and it will last longer

– Small pieces like socks or handkerchiefs should be washed in a pillowcase or laundry bag while washing in the washing machine

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Well, we hope that these tips will help you to do your laundry easier and with less effort. This way the life of your machine will last longer and be in good shape for many years. And your laundry will be clean without accidental mistakes such as shrink or stretched garments, fading and bleeding colors and stainless.

Most of all, we believe that these useful tips will help you not to get anxious and nervous when it is time to do your laundry.

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