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How To Care For Denim Jeans

How To Care For Denim Jeans

How To Care For Denim Jeans And Clothing

If you’re wondering how to care for denim jeans, you will learn everything you need in this post.  Here you will learn how to wash, dry and care for your denim jeans and clothing.

Your Denim Needs To Be Cared For Properly

You probably already know this, but your denim needs to be cared for and cleaned properly. If you don’t hire a professional laundry service, you need to learn how to properly care for denim. Furthermore, if you do not care for denim in the right way, you risk several things happening:

  • shortening the lifespan of your denim
  • shrinking your denim
  • stretching out your denim
  • fading your denim in a way you do not want
  • having it rip and tear


Denim Jeans Do Not Need Frequent Washing

Although many people think denim should be washed every one to two wears, this is absolutely not the case.  In fact, you only really need to wash denim every 10 washes, according to Levis Strauss & Co.

TIP: If you have a stain on your denim and the stain is small enough, there is no need to wash.  Instead, take an old toothbrush and some mild detergent.  Just rub gently to get the stain out.

Denim Has A Specific Shape

Have you ever noticed that your denim jeans have a specific shape.  Over time, the fabric softens and practically conforms to your body.  If you wash your jeans too frequently, you will lose this shape.  You can risk stretching out the denim fibers or shrinking them.

The beautiful thing about denim is that the shape and fabric improves over time.  So wash your denim once every 10 wears!  You can also enlist the help of a professional laundry service as they often know the best way to clean your denim.  You can read more about how using a laundry service works here.

Wash Your Denim Jeans In Cold Water

This is another tip many people aren’t aware of.  Wash your denim jeans in cold water, not hot!

Cold water is ideal because it prevents fading and helps the longevity of the color of your favorite jeans.  So if you have a perfect pair of indigo denim jeans you love, preserve the color by washing cold.

In addition, cold water prevents shrinking from happening.

TIP: Turn jeans inside out to prevent fading from harsher soaps and laundry detergents.  Read this post on which laundry detergent to use.


blue denim jeans

Line Dry Denim Jeans

Line dry your denim jeans instead of throwing them into the dryer.  If you need to dry them, do so on low heat or tumble dry.

Drying your jeans can cause them to shrink, fade and lose their shape.  If you want to keep your jeans in pristine condition, you should line dry them.

TIP: Hang them to dry in a shady place.  This will prevent any fading from happening.


Don’t Get Rid Of Denim Too Soon

Laundry Angels Madison NJ suggests to refrain from getting rid of denim jeans too soon.  Old jeans have a great, rock star quality to them.  You can always have your jeans professionally laundered and tailored if there’s a rip or stain.

In addition, vintage denim is always in style.  Rather than getting rid of jeans, keep them a little longer!

Once you decide to get rid of denim jeans, don’t just throw them away.  Instead, you can sell them or donate them!

Places to sell and donate jeans:


We hope we have answered many of your questions regarding washing, drying and caring for denim.  Jeans need special care in order to preserve them, keep them from fading, and keep them fitting perfectly.

We hope you enjoyed our post and that we have thoroughly answered the age-old question of how to care for denim jeans.


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