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How To Wash Sneakers

How To Wash Sneakers

How To Wash Sneakers Step By Step Guide


Everyone wants to know how to wash sneakers.  Yet another question that is often asked is this.  Should sneakers by washed in the washing machine?  Or should they simply be washed by hand?

In this post, we are going to answer your question and teach you the following things:


  • Tried and tested methods for washing sneakers
  • Tricks for making sneakers look good as new even when they’re not
  • If it’s safe to wash sneakers in the washing machine


Can You Wash Sneakers In The Washing Machine?


The first thing we will discuss is whether you can wash sneakers in the washing machine. It’s a question that deserves a thorough investigation and answer, so don’t worry!  We’ll answer all of your questions about washing sneakers in this post!


Depending on what your sneakers are made of, they can be washed in the machine.


However, the following shoes should never be put in a washing machine:


  • Leather sneakers
  • Sneakers with suede fabrics
  • Shoes with any silk detailing
  • Shoes or sneakers with embellishments
  • Rubber boots
  • Dress shoes


You can check the label on the interior of your shoe to see what your sneaker is made of.  Additionally, you can visit the manufacturer website to find out exactly what your shoes are made of.


As an example, if you have a Nike sneaker, you may simply visit the Nike website.  In the search bar that you see at the upper right corner of the website, you can conveniently type in the style number or name of the shoe in question.  You will see the word “search” and a magnifying glass to the left of it.  When you have located your sneaker, jump to the product details to see any relevant information about the materials used in the shoe and whether or not it should be machine washed.



Should You Wash Sneakers In The Washing Machine?


Sneakers, such as canvas sneakers, can easily be washed in a machine and air dried.  Visiting a local laundromat to wash your sneakers is a great idea.  In addition, you may want to hire a professional cleaning service to pickup and deliver your laundry and sneakers.


A service such as Laundry Angels offers professional laundering of many different types of items.  Given their experience, I would definitely trust them to wash and clean my favorite pair of sneakers!


Washing Kid’s Sneakers In The Machine


Kids sneakers and shoes are really easy to throw into the washing machine and give them a good wash. The reason why is because children’s shoes are often made of different materials, fabrics and textiles than the “grown-up” version of such sneakers.  Be careful and aware of the fabrics in your kids shoes because some are not the best to throw in the wash.


In addition, you should not put your own sneakers or kids sneakers in the dryer.  It’s always best to air-dry shoes unless you’re just tumble drying them on low or no heat.



A Washing Machine Yields Excellent Results!


The efficiency of using a standard or commercial washing machine can yield excellent results!  Washing in a washing machine or by professionals such as Northern NJ’s Laundry Angels is a great idea and will clean your sneakers to the point where they will look good as new.


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washing sneakers in washing machine

you can wash canvas sneakers very easily in the washing machine!

3 Easy Steps To Washing Sneakers In The Washing Machine


Step 1: Before Putting Them In The Machine


About 24 hrs before putting your sneakers in a washing machine, you should take special care to try to clean them thoroughly by hand.  This will prevent getting any loose dirt into your washing machine.  Additionally, it will help with any spots and stains you may want to care for prior to putting them in with a load of wash.


Take some mild detergent and mix it in a bowl with luke warm water.  Dip an old toothbrush or rag in the bowl and gently wipe at any spots or stains you observe on your sneakers.


Remove any dirt from the bottom of your sneakers too.  For this, you can use a paper towel and even some spray cleaner, depending on the materials of your sneakers.  Be sure to look and be careful not to get the cleaner on the top part of your shoe.


Step 2: Remove Laces


Carefully remove your shoe laces from your sneakers.  These need to be washed!  One of the more common things I see happen is that sneakers are cleaned and laces remain dirty when people forget to wash them.  This is a really bad look for sneakers.


You will want to be sure to put your shoe laces in a laundry bag.  You can do so and then throw them into the wash.  The laundry bag is a god-send.  It will prevent your laces from getting all tangled up with other garments or tangled to the inside of the machine.


Step 3: Wash Sneakers


Put your pre-treated sneakers with the laces (in the wash bag) in the washing machine.  You can toss in some towels as well.  This will help make the process less noisy and prevent your sneakers from getting tossed around the machine.


We recommend you wash on cold and delicate cycle.  Also, be aware of the colors of both the towels you wash and the sneakers.  You don’t want any colors to bleed in the wash and get ruined.


TIP: You can carefully put approximately 3 tablespoons of baking soda into your sneakers during the step 1 phase.  This will add a higher level of cleaning and odor removal and can be done for really stinky shoes!  Just be sure to dump out the baking soda prior to placing shoes in the machine.




Washing shoes in the washing machine can definitely be done.  In addition to that, it is very effective and can lend to a deeper clean.

We hope we have answered your questions about washing sneakers and whether or not it should be done!  We hope this step by step guide has taught you everything about how to wash sneakers.

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